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Alaska Community Health Worker Certification

Welcome to the Alaska Community Health Worker Certification page on the NCHW™ Registry. Here, you’ll find valuable information regarding certification requirements in Alaska, which does not require formal state certification for Community Health Workers (CHWs). This section also provides guidance on training resources, scholarship opportunities, and links to related associations.

State Certification Information

No Certifying Body

In Alaska, there is no formal Community Health Worker (CHW) certification process mandated by the state. However, the state offers training pathways for CHWs to gain valuable skills and credentials, such as those provided through the Alaska Primary Care Association's Apprenticeship Program.

CHWs are encouraged to pursue training and professional development to enhance their competencies and service delivery.

The NCHW™ Registry recognizes the importance of these professional development opportunities and aims to connect Alaska CHWs with premier training options.

Training Resources

In Alaska, while there is no state-mandated certification for Community Health Workers (CHWs), we encourage CHWs in Alaska to pursue available training opportunities that lead to recognized credentials.

Professional development and training are highly encouraged to ensure that CHWs have the skills and knowledge to effectively serve their communities. The NCHW™ Registry recommends engaging with one of our esteemed training partners, known for their excellence in educational programs and dedication to CHW professional development.

Our Training Partners

Our partners offer a curriculum that is tailored to enhance the abilities of CHWs in a variety of settings, whether it be through community outreach, health education, or patient navigation. By participating in these training programs, CHWs in Alaska can expect to gain a well-rounded skill set that will serve them well in their vital roles within the community health landscape.


Everyday Life provides comprehensive educational programs designed to equip CHWs with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and to foster community well-being.


Scholarship Opportunities

While we strive to update this page with scholarship information as it becomes available, we encourage CHWs and aspiring CHWs to reach out to us for the latest opportunities that can support their educational journey. 


If you represent a training program, association, or another entity interested in collaborating with the NCHW Registry to support CHWs in Alaska, please consider becoming a partner.

Get Involved

This page reflects the most recent information available at the time of its last update. However, with the dynamic nature of certification developments and resources, we invite you to contribute to keeping our content current.

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Connect with Us

For questions or assistance related to CHW certification in Alaska, please reach out to us at We’re here to help you on your path to becoming a certified CHW.

Community Health Worker Certification is a vital step toward making a positive impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities in our state. We look forward to supporting you on your journey.