National Community Health Worker Registry | NCHW™ Registry

Our Mission and Vision

The NCHW™ Registry is committed to honoring the principles of inclusivity, equity, and collaboration. We recognize that CHWs are the heart of community health, and by building a platform that truly represents and serves their needs, we can drive meaningful change and create a more just and healthier society. Join us as we work together to build a brighter future for CHWs, where their vital contributions are recognized and celebrated.

mission and vision

Mission of the NCHW™ Registry​

The mission of the NCHW™ Registry is to empower and elevate the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) by providing a centralized platform that recognizes their unique contributions, promotes professional development, and fosters collaboration. CHWs for CHWs is at the heart of our mission, emphasizing the principle that nothing should be done about CHWs without their meaningful involvement. Built by CHWs for CHWs, we are dedicated to ensuring that the voices and experiences of CHWs are at the forefront of our initiatives. We strive to support CHWs in their efforts to improve community health outcomes and address health disparities.

Vision of the NCHW™ Registry

Our vision is to create a unified and inclusive community of CHWs, where their knowledge, skills, and experiences are valued, respected, and amplified. We envision a future where CHWs have equitable access to opportunities for growth, professional recognition, and continuous learning. The NCHW™ Registry aims to be a leading platform for CHWs, designed and developed by CHWs for CHWs. We believe that nothing should be done about CHWs without their meaningful involvement, and we are committed to championing the principle of "Nothing about us without us." Together, we strive to advance the CHW profession, strengthen its impact, and champion health equity in every community we serve. Please note that the majority of states do not have a formal CHW Certification or Registry in place. Since the majority of states do not have a formal CHW Certification or Registry in place. The NCHW™ Registry was created in response to this gap to provide a national platform for CHWs to showcase their qualifications, connect with peers, and access valuable resources. We aim to fill this void and support CHWs in regions where certification or registry programs may not exist, ensuring that all CHWs have equitable opportunities for professional growth and recognition.

Unlock Your Potential

Registering for the NCHW™ Registry is a powerful step toward professional growth and recognition for Community Health Workers. By gaining official validation, accessing valuable resources, fostering networking opportunities, and contributing to advocacy efforts, registered CHWs can unlock numerous benefits that enhance their careers and elevate their impact on community health. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await you—register with the NCHW™ Registry and be part of a community dedicated to improving health outcomes and making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.