National Community Health Worker Registry | NCHW™ Registry

The Benefits of Registering

As the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) continues to grow in importance, so does the need for recognition, resources, and professional development opportunities. The National Community Health Worker (NCHW™) Registry is a platform designed to provide these benefits and more to CHWs across the Country. By registering with the NCHW™ Registry, CHWs can unlock a multitude of advantages that can elevate their careers, expand their networks, and enhance their impact on community health outcomes.


Why should you become NCHW™ Certified?

Recognition and Validation

Registering with the NCHW™ Registry grants CHWs recognition and validation of their skills, knowledge, and contributions. This recognition serves as a testament to their expertise and dedication, positioning them as valuable assets within the healthcare system.

Professional Development

The NCHW™ Registry provides CHWs with opportunities for continuous professional development. Through workshops, webinars, and networking events, registered CHWs can expand their skill sets, stay updated on the latest industry trends, and cultivate relationships with other professionals in the field.

Access To Resources​

The NCHW™ Registry offers a wealth of resources tailored to the needs of CHWs. From educational materials and training programs to best practice guides and research articles, registered CHWs gain access to a comprehensive repository of valuable resources that can enhance their knowledge and skills.

Networking and Collaboration

By joining the NCHW™ Registry, CHWs gain access to a vast network of like-minded professionals. This network enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of best practices, fostering a supportive community of CHWs who can learn from and inspire one another.

Career Advancement

Registering with the NCHW™ Registry can open doors to new career opportunities. Many employers and healthcare organizations recognize the value of NCHW™ Certification and actively seek registered CHWs when hiring for positions within their organizations.

Advocacy and Awareness

At the NCHW™ Registry, we're passionate about advocating for CHWs and raising awareness of their crucial role in promoting health and well-being. Our "I am a CHW Campaign" is a powerful initiative that highlights the extraordinary contributions of CHWs and amplifies their impact on individuals and communities.

The information outlined above is subject to periodic updates by the NCHW™ Registry to ensure their alignment with industry standards and emerging trends in community health work.

Eligibility Requirements for NCHW™ Registry​

Are you interested in joining the NCHW Registry and accessing its valuable benefits?

To ensure a seamless registration process, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria. The NCHW Registry requires individuals to meet specific requirements, including the completion of a Nationally Aligned CHW Certification Training Program, demonstrated competence in core competency areas, and compliance with additional guidelines.

To learn more about the eligibility criteria and the steps to join the NCHW Registry, we invite you to visit our Eligibility Page.