National Community Health Worker Registry | NCHW™ Registry

Eligibility Requirements for NCHW™ Registry

The National Community Health Worker (NCHW™) Registry is a platform that recognizes and supports the vital role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) across the United States. To become part of this registry, CHWs must meet specific eligibility requirements that ensure the highest standards of professionalism and competence. Here are the key eligibility criteria to join the NCHW™ Registry.

Eligibility requirements NCHW™ Registry

Completion of NCHW™ Certification

CHWs must successfully complete the NCHW™ Certification, which validates their proficiency in nationally recognized core competencies. This certification is a testament to their dedication and expertise in areas such as communication, service coordination, advocacy, and more.

Completion of Approved Training

CHWs who have received training from approved providers that meet NCHW™ standards are eligible for registration. This ensures that their knowledge and skills align with the industry's best practices and guidelines.

Individual Core Competencies

In some cases, certified CHWs may need to complete additional individual core competencies to meet the NCHW™ Registry's standards. This ensures a consistent and comprehensive skill set among registered CHWs.

Experiential Pathway

CHWs who have gained their expertise through significant work experience and do not possess a formal NCHW certification, the NCHW™ Registry also offers an Experiential Pathway. This pathway recognizes the valuable contributions and knowledge acquired through on-the-job experience and provides an opportunity for experienced CHWs to showcase their skills and qualifications.

Explore the Core Competencies for NCHW™

The core competencies for NCHW™ Certification are the foundation of a National Community Health Worker. To excel in your role and make a meaningful impact on community health, it is crucial to develop a deep understanding of these competencies.