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NCHW™ Registry Partners with CHW Strength as an Approved Training Provider for NCHW™ Certification

May 1, 2024 – The National Community Health Worker (NCHW™) Registry is excited to announce another partnership with CHW Strength, an organization at the forefront of community health and workforce empowerment. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in the community health sector, aiming to enhance the professional development of Community Health Workers (CHWs) nationwide.

CHW Strength has been designated as an Approved Training Provider by the NCHW™ Registry. Their training programs, in alignment with the NCHW™ Certification standards, ensure CHWs are well-prepared to deliver exceptional community health services. This certification is a testament to a CHW’s proficiency and dedication to making a substantial impact on community health.

This partnership offers CHWs access to CHW Strength’s comprehensive training, focusing on crucial skills such as effective communication, advocacy, and service coordination. CHW Strength’s commitment to excellence guarantees top-tier training for CHWs, fostering professional growth and enhancing community health outcomes.

“Empowering CHWs through quality training and support is our shared goal with CHW Strength,” says Kyle Stahl, Liason of the NCHW™ Registry. “Their expertise and passion for community health make them an ideal partner in advancing the CHW profession.”

CHWs looking to enhance their skills through NCHW™ Certification can find more information and register for training sessions at CHWStrength’s website.

About NCHW™ Registry:
The NCHW™ Registry supports CHWs across the U.S. by offering resources for professional development and enhancing collaboration within the community health workforce.

About CHWStrength:
CHWStrength is a leader in community health and workforce development, offering comprehensive training and resources to empower CHWs and improve community health.

Become a certified National Community Health Worker (CHW) with NCHW™ Certification, offered by CHW Strength.

Gain the skills and recognition you need to make a difference in community health.