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Discover the NCHW™ Registry, a comprehensive database exclusively for National Community Health Workers (NCHWs). Our registry is a powerful platform that showcases the qualifications, certifications, and expertise of NCHWs. Find certified NCHWs, explore their profiles, and connect with professionals dedicated to improving health outcomes and championing health equity. 

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Stephanie Toney

VisionaryCHW Strength
Home PO Box 1564 Chesterfield Virginia 23113 United StatesPersonal Cell: 8042501221Virginia - Certified Community Health Worker: June 7, 2022 Adult MHFA Instructor Certification: April 5, 2023 Leader Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: December 9, 2022 Leader Diabetes Self-Management Program: March 24, 2023 Leader Chronic Pain Self-Management Program: March 24, 2023 Website:


Stephanie Toney is an ambitious and confident leader at CHW Strength. She is responsible for innovatively motivating and empowering Community Health Workers (CHWs) as the team provides public health services in communities. She successfully fosters relationships with community partners and collaborates with local/statewide task forces to address social determinants of health.  

CHW Strength is a small woman and minority organization providing accredited CHW training and CHW program technical assistance to strengthen the CHW workforce.

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Registering for the NCHW™ Registry is a powerful step toward professional growth and recognition for Community Health Workers. By gaining official validation, accessing valuable resources, fostering networking opportunities, and contributing to advocacy efforts, registered CHWs can unlock numerous benefits that enhance their careers and elevate their impact on community health. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that await you—register with the NCHW™ Registry and be part of a community dedicated to improving health outcomes and making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.