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NCHW™ Registry's State CHW Resource Hub

Welcome to the CHW Certification Resource Hub, your starting point for exploring state-specific certification pathways for Community Health Workers. Recognizing the vital role CHWs play in enhancing community health, this hub is dedicated to streamlining your access to official certification information. For states that offer certification, you’ll find direct links to the official state resources. In states without formal certification, we spotlight our esteemed training partners who provide valuable educational programs to support your professional development. Begin your journey by selecting your state from the interactive map below.

Interactive State Map

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Guidance on Use:

The NCHW™ Registry’s State CHW Certification Resource Hub is your gateway to external websites where you can find the most comprehensive and updated information on CHW certification. Given that certification criteria are subject to change and vary across states, we provide you with the most direct route to the relevant authorities and our trusted training partners. This approach ensures you have access to the most authoritative and current information available.

For states without established certification processes, we proudly promote our training partners, who offer programs designed to enhance your competencies and readiness for career opportunities as a CHW.

Navigating to Your State’s Information:

  1. Click on your state on the interactive map.
  2. Follow the link to your state’s official certification information or to learn about available training programs from our partners.
  3. Reach out directly to listed resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Accuracy of Information

NCHW™ Registry’s State CHW Certification Resource Hub is designed to provide users with information about Community Health Worker (CHW) certification in various states. While we strive to offer accurate and helpful resources, please be aware that the information provided here may not always be the most current or up-to-date. CHW certification requirements and regulations can change over time. Therefore, we recommend contacting your state’s CHW certification authority or relevant organization for the most accurate and current details regarding CHW certification in your state.

Contact NCHW™ Registry

For further guidance or inquiries related to CHW training and roles please reach out at We are here to assist you in your journey to becoming a skilled CHW.